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Graphium Analytics™

Actionable anesthesia data improves patient outcomes, surgeon satisfaction, and OR efficiency, by enabling data-driven decisions.
Ideal Analytic Qualities

Data in isolation is useless. Context is everything.



For analytics to be most valuable, they need to be available in near real time as possible. Receiving a voluminous report 12 months after the fact cripples the improvement process.



Granularity matters. In order to improve the surgical patient experience, individual provider behavior needs to change. Comparing peers at the same Facility is paramount.


Centrally controlled reports which require an IT analyst’s expertise to generate reports hinders the improvement process. Reports need to be readily available to responsible management.


Improvement never ends, and neither should the reports. Well designed analytics should also enable continuous evaluation to track the progress of any corrective actions taken.

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Categories of Excellence
Graphium Analytics™ divides Anesthesia Excellence into 3 broad categories.

MACRA Compliance

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services enforces quality care and reduces costs in the process. Anesthesia is no exception. Over 5% of current Medicare revenue is at risk. Graphium Analytics™ makes it easy to protect the bottom line by reporting accurate quality performance for each anesthesia provider.

Daily Chart Compliance

The first step to compliance is chart completion. If data is missing, then it cannot be coded and incorrect information may get submitted. You lose money when charts are incomplete. You need to know who’s charts need attention.

Individual Provider Comparisons

To improve outcomes, you need to change behavior. This requires identifying who needs improvement. Knowing how individuals performed compared to others is key to taking meaningful action.

Facility Performance Averages

From a Population Health perspective, it’s important to understand the quality of service your patient population receives. Using MACRA quality measures as your foundation of quality is a proven, industry standard driven methodology.

Predictive Intelligence

Time is a limited resource, and you need to prioritize your manual efforts when correcting incomplete charts. Well designed analytics will highlight the “low hanging fruit” and ensure your attention is well spent for optimal results.

Anesthesia Quality

MACRA Compliance is not necessarily synonymous with quality. There are a limited number of measures that can be clearly defined, objectively measured, and occur in enough quantity as to make them effective for public policy. With Graphium Analytics™, you have access to a real Anesthesia Quality Improvement platform.


A robust anesthesia quality program captures and reports on dozens of outcomes. Divided into “major” and “minor” categories, outcome reports identifying individual providers will aid your credentialing needs.

Population Health

Too easily providers will make exceptions for their performance results based on the belief they serve a different patient population. Understand the types and quantities of patients which make up your anesthesia practice.

Process Measurements

Various regulatory bodies will frequently initiate quality improvement activities around specific perioperative processes. Consistently evaluating your success in these processes will help solidify your relationship with hospital leadership.

OPPE/FPPE and TJC Support

Use your collected quality data to support ongoing credentialing services, such as OPPE and FPPE. Additionally, the same data may be used to generate Quarterly Joint Commission reports to maintain Facility certification.

Operational Insight

For groups who understand the competitive value of richer data, Graphium Analytics™ opens a wealth of operational insight designed to make your organization more efficient, more profitable, and more secure.

Enterprise Scorecards

Quickly view and compare 8 categories of metrics across all your Facilities, including productivity, efficiency, throughput, quality, and more. For any given Facility, easily export professionally formatted PDF reports or custom Excel files of just the data you need.

Staffing Requirements and Utilization

Staffing is expensive. Knowing how many OR’s you run every hour of every day allows you to make data-driven financial decisions. Knowing how well you’re using your current staff levels, allows you to measure the success of these decisions.

Goals, Variance, and Trends

Each metric result is compared to custom target goals and color coded to easily identify areas in need of improvement. In addition, a 6 month line graph shows your current trend, so you know what needs changing.

Automated Daily Analytic Emails

Actionable data should be distributed and readily available. Graphium Analytics™ provides you automated daily emails designed to give you a snap shot or “morning coffee report” of yesterday’s OR performance.
Data Capture Options
Anesthesia data delineates the most lucrative process in today’s hospitals. Graphium Analytics™ offers a variety of options to collect the data you need most.

EHR Integrations

Ready to leverage the data from your current EHR? We have the experience to help you. Our proprietary interface engine, Graphium Flow™, is designed to get the Anesthesia data you need most.


Still on paper and scared of moving to an EHR? Our unique iPad Pro AnesthesiaEMR™ lets you stay mobile and focused on patient care with an intelligent, digital paper experience.

iOS Anesthesia App

Already have an EHR, but not able to get the data you need out? Our iOS Anesthesia App is designed for rapid data collection at the point of care. From Charge Capture to MACRA compliance, we have your data need covered.

Paper Forms

Comfortable with your current paper-base workflows? We can help streamline them for increased safety and efficiency by adding ADT integration and providing electronic form uploads. No more courier required.
To learn more about your options for data capture, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk you through the options and find the best solution for you.


Graphium Analytics™ supports a variety of standard HL7 interfaces, as well as custom interfaces built for specifically for Epic and Cerner anesthesia modules. Here are some of the systems with which we’ve integrated.

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