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MOCA 2.0 Part IV Quality Improvement

From the ABA’s website on MOCA 2.0 Part IV requirements:

For the Quality Improvement (Improvement in Medical Practice) requirement, diplomates must complete multiple activities over their 10-year MOCA® cycle to demonstrate that they are participating in evaluations of their clinical practice and are engaging in practice improvement activities.


Diplomates will be able to choose Part 4 activities that are most relevant to their practice. Points will be awarded for each activity based on the time and effort associated with their completion. Diplomates must earn a minimum of 50 Part 4 points during their 10-year cycle in MOCA 2.0® (25 points during Years 1-5 and 25 points during Years 6-10).

One such activity is “Completing an Improvement Plan” which requires documenting “a process in which a diplomate implements changes designed to improve patient outcomes based on feedback from Quality Data Registries.”

Graphium Analytics™ presents individual provider quality data in the form of “Outcome Detail” and “MACRA Performance Met” reports which may be used to inform and improve the individual provider’s practice. Anesthesia providers may identify potential areas in need of improvement, introduce a change to their practice, and then measure the consequence. Each provider may then submit self-attestation documentation directly to the ABA, earning up to 25 points for this MOCA 2.0 Part IV requirement.

This represents a significant costs savings over other Part IV Activities. For example, an equivalent number of points may be earned via participation in a “MOCA Simulation Course” at a cost of > $1,800 per provider.

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