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Anesthesia Dashboards

Well designed visualizations help make your data actionable.

MACRA Compliance

Our proprietary MACRA dashboards are specifically designed to help you meet the regulatory requirements set forth by CMS. By comparing providers and enabling you to easily correct charts, we enable your providers to achieve the highest possible Composite Performance Score possible.

Individual Provider Comparisons

Our proprietary MACRA dashboard makes Provider comparisons a snap across your Organization or within specific Facilities. Easily visualize each Provider’s projected Performance Met percentage for each reported QCDR measure and better understand who needs improvement in either their practice or documentation.

Easy Chart Correction

We’ve learned from experience that lower Performance Met percentages are mostly due to failed documentation, rather than actual risk to the patient. We enable your team to easily identify how each anesthetic case performs for each QCDR measure. Many times the correct data is simply missing. Conveniently fix the missing information within our dashboard and improve your results. Getting a higher Composite Performance Score doesn’t get any easier.

Additional Quality Measures

MACRA Compliance and Quality are not necessarily equivalent. With both of our services lines, we aim to make your collection of data as valuable as possible. To this end, we currently record and report the following additional quality measures.

  • Handoff Protocol Used
  • PostOp Pain Control
  • Normothermia
  • Surgical Safety Checklist Used

Outcome Reports

Outcome data is at the heart of any robust Anesthesia Quality Improvement process. Both of our Simple and Plus plans record 40 different outcomes and reports each with their date, category, description, and who was involved with the case. You can use this information to support your OPPE/FPPE credentialing processes, making the most out of your new MACRA solution.

Population Health Reports

Ever interested in how your patient populations differ across the different Facilities within your Organization? With our Population Health dashboard, we make it easy to visualize and compare the following:

  • ASA Status
  • Emergent vs. Non-Emergent
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient
  • PACU vs. ICU Disposition

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