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Operations Dashboard

Well designed visualizations help make your data actionable.

Organizational Scorecards

From smaller groups with several facilities to large organizations spread across the country, management needs to measure and compare the service being delivered, develop improvement plans, and monitor their effects. Our unique Organizational Scorecards quickly compares all Facilities for a given month across 8 Categories consisting of over 40 measures.

Operational Forecast Tracking

Many values or “cells” across our dashboard compare your reported result with a predefined target which you define. Each cell shows:

  • Your value
  • Your goal value
  • Variance – difference between achieved and goal values
  • Color coded – depends on if your goal was achieved
  • Trend line – shows previous 6 month results

All combined, this presentation makes your data incredibly easy to interpret and track so you can more intelligently manage your success and growth.

Screen Shots


  • Major Complications
  • Minor Complications / Observations
  • Detail


  • Handoff Protocol Used
  • Post Op Pain Score
  • Normothermia
  • Surgical Safety Checklist


  • Total Cases
  • Revenue by Cases
  • Total Minutes
  • Revenue by Minutes


  • Surgeon Turn over Time – Flip Flop
  • Surgeon Turn over Time
  • Wheels Out / Wheel In Time
  • Anesthesia Turn over Time
  • Anesthesia Ready Time


  • Prime Time Utilization (7a-3p)
  • Cost of Underutilization
  • Morning Utilization (0a-7a)
  • Evening Utilization (3p-0p)


  • Number of First Cases
  • First Case On Time Start Rate
  • Cost of First Case Delays
  • Same Day Cancellations
  • Same Day Add Ons
  • Number of Patients Seen Prior to Day of Surgery

Practice Patterns

  • Age Decades
  • ASA Status
  • Inpatient vs Outpatient
  • Gender
  • Emergent vs Non-Emergent
  • PACU vs ICU Disposition

Outcome Details

  • Facility
  • Date of Service
  • Category of Complication
  • Complication Title
  • Major or Minor
  • Providers on Case

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