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Hourly Staffing Heatmaps

With our Excel export capability, you can start making some more interesting data visualizations. In this example, we used Q30 minute room utilization data to create a heat map to visualize staffing needs for every half-hour on every day of each month in Q4.

This table shows the max room utilization for each half-hour for each day of the month of December. In this case, the surgeons felt 8 rooms were needed until 3:00pm. However, we were able to illustrate how no more than 6 rooms were needed after 12:00, except for a single day (December 13th) for 1 hour (12:30-13:30).

This chart shows the maximum number of locations used every 30 minutes of a 24-hour period for a given month. Visualizations like this validate the following conclusion:

After 10:30 there were never more than 7 locations running during the month of December.”

This graph aims to calculate the number of times a certain number of Max Locations occurred during a given month. For example, there were a total of 7 “30-minute intervals” during December in which 9 Max Locations occurred. (Of note, we know from the previous chart that this must have occurred before 10:30am).

This graph is most helpful in predicting how well “utilized” the Max Locations actually are being used. For example, in Q4 there were 1,088 “30 minute intervals” from 7:00am to 3:00pm on weekdays. This chart shows that 49 of those intervals were used to service 8 or more Max Locations, meaning these max resources were only utilized 4.5% of the time paid.

Another conclusion validates the following comment:

“If the max number of locations after 12:00pm had been 7, the surgeons would have been delayed or denied a room on 4 occasions during Q4 of 2016 — 2 of which were on Nov 15th.”

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